e tin certificat

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e tin certificat

e tin certificat In this guideline we shall describe the procedure as to how to obtain the TIN Certificate in Bangladesh along with the documents requirements.

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Taxation is the primary source of income for the government of any country. Hence the Government provides a Tax Identification Number, also known as TIN which is an identification number issued to an individual or a company to track tax payments to the government. In Bangladesh The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is the only authority to provide TIN Certificate to the applicant. One can either obtain TIN Certificate in Bangladesh manually or electronically by applying to NBR.

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When you obtain the TIN Certificate in Bangladesh through electronically it is called E-TIN. Every citizen, whoever has a job shall be required to obtain a TIN Certificate irrespective of their annual income.

Moreover, all the business entities such as, Company, Branch/Liaison Office, needs to apply to NBR to obtain TIN Certificate, as it is a mandatory in order to continue the business. The current government in order to digitalize the nation has introduced E-TIN for enhancing the quality and efficiency in tax collection procedure. The process for obtaining tax certificate online is easy and hassle free, if applied in the correct way with supporting documents. The Tax Ordinance, 1984 provides all provisions related to tax certificate.

The Step by Step Procedure to obtain E-TIN Certificate in Bangladesh:

The followings are the steps one needs to follow to obtain TIN certificates in Bangladesh, since the process is digitalised, lots of hassle and time has been saved:

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  • At First, Visit the Website https://secure.incometax.gov.bd/TINHome
  • Create a User ID by proving necessary information’s in the Registration form
  • In order to obtain a User ID and password to open an account, a phone number needs to be provided to the portal.
  • A code is sent to the number and this code shall be used to obtain User ID/Password.
  • Log-In with User ID/Password
  • Fill in the TIN Registration form by providing relevant information of the applicant/Company
  • Preview the submitted application.
  • Obtain E-TIN Certificate.

Required Documents for TIN Certificates Manually in Bangladesh | Checklist

  • A Copy of Trade License
  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (If Company)
  • A Bank/Financial Solvency Certificate (If Company or Proprietorship)
  • Three copy of photograph of Owner (If Proprietorship)
  • Three copy of photograph of Managing Director (If Company)
  • Three copy of passport sized photograph (If Person)
  • National ID/ Passport copy of Entrepreneur

FM Associates Assists on obtaining E-TIN Certificates in Bangladesh

In Order to obtain E-TIN Certificate, the services FMA can provide are as follows:

  • FMA has an excellent and competent team who can proceed in obtaining E-Tin Certificate efficiently. In order to apply for E-TIN, at first, it is required create an account on NBR website. The legal experts can start application procedure by creating an account on NBR online portal.

    e tin certificat
    e tin certificat
  • In relation to an individual, FMA requires certain information’s and documents from the client before starting the online application process such as Address, phone number, NID/Passport Copy, Personal details etc. of the applicant.
  • On the other hand, if it is a Company/Branch office, FMA, legal team assists in collecting required information’s such as MOA/AOA/Trade License/Incorporation Certificate, VAT etc. and then prepares for applying for E-TIN.
  • FMA legal experts can assist in collecting and preparing the supporting documents.
  • After submitting the application along with supporting documents, E-TIN Certificate is obtained, and it is then shared with the client.

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FMA also provides services of renewing the License, if it expires by taking necessary steps at the right time.


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