Lusail stadium capacity

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Lusail stadium capacity

Lusail stadium capacity The Lusail Stadium, the largest stadium in Qatar and the centerpiece venue for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, is now open to the public. On 9 September, the stadium hosted the Lusail Super Cup final between Al Hilal SFC and Zamalek, an event seen as the precursor to the FIFA World Cup Qatar that will be played later this year. Located in Lusail City, 15 kilometers north of Doha, the 80,000-seat stadium aims to create an immersive atmosphere for both players and spectators. The building was designed with Foster + Partners’ joint venture partner Arup, and sports specialist Populous.

FIFA World Cup Qtar 2022 Stadiums

Our ambition was to create a striking yet simple form that reflects the building’s function, responds to the climate of Qatar, and enhances the theatre of the event. The arrival experience is intuitive and immersive. Spectators enter the vessel between two tiers of seating that have been intentionally compressed to heighten the sense of drama as they emerge into the generous seating bowl flooded with natural light. – Luke Fox, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners

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The facade features triangular openings which create a perforated screen that provides shade and filters the light entering the internal concourses. This, in combination with the roof design, represents an adaptation to the climatic profile of Qatar and helps reduce energy consumption. The 307-meter-diameter ‘spoke-wheel’ cable net roof is one of the largest tensile cable-net roofs in the world. The outer compression ring connects to a central tensioned ring by a complex cable system. Outdoor cooling technologies are also implemented to maximize comfort in the open-air stadium.

Located at the end of the commercial boulevard that connects the football stadium to the corniche, four towers are under construction, arranged symmetrically around a central plaza. The Lusail Towers, also designed by Foster + Partners, are planned to become the center of a new business district in the city. Measuring 70 storeys and 50 storeys respectively, the towers are expected to be completed this year, ahead of the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar. The project is part of a larger masterplan also designed by Foster + Partners.

how many stadium in qatar for world cup 2022

The stadium formed part of Qatar’s World Cup plans as early as 2010 when the bid was first considered. Following the decision to award Qatar the World Cup, a tender process was started for the actual design of the stadium, however many designs proved unsatisfactory to the organising committee.

In the end, the committee chose a bowl-shaped design inspired by art pieces found across the Arab world.

Construction of the stadium started in 2017 and it took four years for the stadium to be completed, slightly longer than planned. The official opening of the stadium is planned for 2022.

During the 2022 World Cup, Lusail Stadium will host six first round group matches and a match in every knock-out round including a semi-final and the final.

Following the World Cup, large parts of the stadium will be dismantled and the smaller ground will become part of a community space including shops, leisure, and sports facilities.

How to get to Lusail Stadium
Lusail Stadium is the centerpiece of the new Lusail City development on the northern edge of Doha on the Persian Gulf coast, roughly 20 kilometres from central Doha and 9 kilometres from The Pearl.

Lusail City will be a mixed self-contained development of residences, commerce, and retail in which ultimately 200,000 inhabitants are expected to live.

The red metro line connects Lusail City with central Doha and Hamad International Airport. Lusail QNB Station, the last on the line, lies right next to the stadium. A tram system connects the stadium with other parts of Lusail.

Eat, drink, and sleep near Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium is part of a large new development not far from the coast of the Persian Gulf coast called Lusail City. The area is still a large construction site but this is changing by the month as more and more buildings are being completed.

More cafes and restaurants are also expected to pop up in the area soon, but at the moment not much is around yet.

how many stadium in qatar for world cup 2022

There are neither many hotels yet in the area, though these are likely to pop up soon since it’s planned to be an upscale area. Right now, there are two hotels in Lusail: Cielo Hotel Lusail and Staybridge Suites. From both you can get to the stadium by tram. Click here to see all hotels in Lusail.

Alternatively, get one of the (admittedly expensive) hotels near The Pearl and metro station Legtaifiya. It’s just a few metro stops from there to the stadium.

Of course, since Lusail Stadium is right next to the metro, pretty any hotel in Doha that is near a metro station will do as it’s a quick journey to the stadium. Click here to explore options in Doha.


The design of this magnificent stadium is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow that characterises the fanar lantern. Its shape and façade echo the intricate decorative motifs on bowls, vessels and other art pieces found across the Arab and Islamic world during the rise of civilisation in the region.

Crowning the elaborate stadium façade will be a roof that represents the leading edge in engineering and construction techniques. Manufactured from materials carefully chosen to provide shade, the roof will still admit just the right amount of sunlight to nourish the first-rate playing surface.

At night, an advanced lighting system will maximise the interaction of the light and openings in the façade, mimicking the welcoming glow of a fanar lantern for approaching fans.

Lusail stadium
Lusail stadium

Once inside the stadium, visitors will be greeted by the spectacular sight of 80,000 passionate football fans. This wall of colour will be accompanied by a wall of sound, with the arena’s roof and curved sides forming a cauldron where fans’ songs and cheers will reverberate to every ear.


Once the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ is over, Lusail Stadium will be transformed into a community space including schools, shops, cafés, sporting facilities and health clinics. This multi-purpose community hub will allow people to find everything they need under one roof – the original roof of the football stadium.

During the conversion, most of the stadium’s 80,000 seats will be removed and donated to sporting projects, taking this arena’s extraordinary legacy – and a little bit of FIFA World Cup™ history – to locations around the globe.

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