Lusail stadium cost

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Lusail stadium cost

Lusail stadium cost The short distances between them providing something of a novelty compared to previous years – the furthest distance between two World Cup 2022 stadiums is around 45 miles.

Lusail stadium capacity

Here are some answers to key questions about Lusail Stadium.

Where is Lusail Stadium?

Lusail Stadium is in the new planned city of Lusail, 15km north of Doha.

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What is the capacity?

Lusail Stadium seats 80,000 fans. It is the biggest stadium at the World Cup.

Who plays there?

The Qatar national team is the only tenant of Lusail Stadium.

When was it completed?

Construction began in April 2017, and the stadium was eventually finished in November 2021, a year later than scheduled.

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How much did it cost?

Lusail Stadium reportedly cost $767 million to construct.

What World Cup 2022 games will be played at Lusail Stadium?

  • 22 November: Argentina v Saudi Arabia (Group C)
  • 24 November: Brazil v Serbia (Group G)
  • 26 November: Argentina v Mexico (Group C)
  • 28 November: Portugal v Uruguay (Group H)
  • 30 November: Saudi Arabia v Mexico (Group C)
  • 2 December: Cameroon v Brazil (Group G)
  • 6 December: Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G (Round of 16)
  • 9 December: Quarter-final
  • 13 December: Semi-final
  • 18 December: Final

What will happen to Lusail Stadium after the World Cup?

Lusail Stadium will then be converted into a community space featuring cafes, shops, schools, sporting facilities and health clinics under the stadium’s roof.

The Qatar 2022 website says that “most of the stadium’s 80,000 seats will be removed and donated to sporting projects” once the World Cup is over.

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Lusail Stadium – design description

The national stadium in Qatar will be one of key landmarks of Lusail, the brand-new city north of Doha. It was subject to speculation for years, ever since the Qatari bid to host the 2022 World Cup.

It was then proposed that the canopy offering shade to spectators could become first in world history to completely retract in the evening, making the venue entirely open-air. That feature proved unfeasible eventually, so we didn’t really expect to see it.

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Uniquely in World Cup history, the stadium’s final concept was held secret extremely long. This happened for a couple reasons, one of which was the uniquely high expectations from local authorities with regard to aesthetics and architecture. Another reason is the overall secrecy surrounding the Qatari tournament, filled with non-disclosure agreements even in areas where they’re not at all warranted.

In the case of Lusail Qatar not only managed to reveal all other designs before showing the WC final venue, but also got construction well underway before revealing what is being built. Enabling works were launched in 2015, actual construction in 2017 and the release of renderings took place in mid-December, 2018. Thankfully the chain of non-disclosure agreements had holes and we managed to show you a peek into the concept while it was being worked on in 2016.

The stadium has almost perfectly circular footprint and will not only top all stadia in Qatar in terms of capacity but also throughout the Middle East. Net capacity of 80,000 was established for the 2022 tournament, while a portion of the auditorium will be dismantled in legacy mode, opening up space for non-football use. Information regarding percentage of future downscaling isn’t available at this point.

The auditorium wasn’t divided into three tiers – as consultants had suggested in the process – rather into two main ones and then each of them was further divided in halves by additional internal concourses.

Outer form of the stadium will resemble a giant bowl with limited footprint, growing upwards and becoming more impressive for arriving spectators. Very detailed and elegant triangular pattern adorns the stadium. Both the pattern and bowl shape are isnpired by Qatari craftsmanship.

Worth noting, the stadium’s cable-membrane roof has similarly intricate pattern, with sections of membrane creating diamond-shaped elements.

When contracted for construction in 2017, the stadium was estimated to be worth $767 million, which isn’t the highest budget for a stadium of such amazing scale. However, the deal does not include enabling works which took place in 2015-2017 and we can thus expect the final price tag to be higher.

Lusail stadium
Lusail stadium

What is the capacity of the Lusail Iconic Stadium?

The newly constructed stadium will host 80,000 fans and it was first opened in 2021. The procurement process for the stadium began in 2014 with construction starting in 2017 and it is to be cooled using solar power. Much like other stadiums it will also have a zero carbon footprint. It is expected that after the World Cup ends, the stadium will be reconfigured into a 40,000 seater stadium with excess seating to be removed and other parts of the building to be rebuilt as a community space featuring shops, cafes, athletic and education facilities and a health clinic

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