night club in ny

nightclubs in new york city

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nightclubs in new york city

nightclubs in new york city The city of New York, by all means, happens to be a city of America and always in high spirits. The city is almost synonymous with the United States of America and its people. The cultures of a multitude of people from all over jostle for space here. There are umpteen things to do and watch here. One thing very strikingly unique about NY is that it has clearly demarcated itself between the night and the day.

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A New York by the day is unrecognizable if it is placed against a New York by the night. The city gives you the most exciting nightlife you can ever imagine. There are restaurants open till late at night, cocktail bars, nightclubs, and so on. If you are new to the Big Apple, you may find this duality of its character extremely enchanting. There is no point digging heels at your apartment. You should go check out the night hotspots and enjoy yourself in one of the best nightclubs in NYC.

Here are the list of the best nightclubs in New York (NYC):

1. Paul’s Cocktail Lounge

t is one of the best and most exclusive clubs in Manhattan. It was founded by DJ Paul Sevigny. This place is frequented by people of all ages including the youth. If you want to visit this nightclub, the address is New York’s Roxy Hotel which is special. The club is known for its music of different genres and different generations of hits. It is open from 10 pm and closes at 4 am. You should enjoy disco ball here and you must attend the show to have full enjoyment of the place.

Location: 2 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013

Open Time: Tuesday to Saturday – 10pm-4am

2. Le Bain

The place is known for its hot tub. It is located atop the Standard Hotel. You can lounge in the penthouse disco or the rooftop bar and watch a lovely sunset over the Hudson River. At night, there are regular parties taking place. It is also known for its Sunday parties in the evening that go on till the early hours of the morning. This place is visited by the people of New York almost every day of the week. The weekends witness a great swell in the number of visitors, and the noise from the disco rises to a crescendo, with people enjoying themselves.

Location: The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

Open Time: Thursday 10pm-4am, Friday 4pm -4am, Saturday 2pm-4am, Sunday 2pm-12am

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3. Avant Gardner

There has been a recent rise in rent in Manhattan area. The space also has undergone changes to being restricted. It has resulted in the venues of clubs began shifting to the Brooklyn area. Avant Gardner has an expansive space. There are three exclusive areas for night activities. There is one outdoor Mirage in Brooklyn that is open only during the summers. Great Hall is open throughout the year. If you are looking for the best nightclubs in New York, this place will find a place there. You will definitely like King’s Hall here.

Location: 140 Stewart Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

4. 1 Oak

It is one of the best in Manhattan. It is known for its mind-blowing music and dance arrangements. No surprise it is considered one of the best nightclubs in NYC. One can find launch parties over here. There is superb lighting arrangement and famous DJs that you can enjoy with sit-down table service. The dance floor has a capacity for more than 300 people.

Location: 453 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011

Open Time: Wednesday 11pm-4am, Thursday 11pm-4am, Friday 11pm-4am, Saturday 11pm-1am, Sunday 11pm-4am

5. House of Yes

If you want to know about the best nightclubs in New York, it won’t be tough to find because there is The House Of Yes, that’s away from the din of Manhattan, based in Bushwick. You will find class and modern creativity here. The club is at the centre of Brooklyn.

Location: 2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Open Time: Wednesday 7pm-2am, Thursday 10pm-4am, Friday 7pm-4am, Saturday 7pm-4am, Sunday 9pm-2am

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6. Bossa Nova Civic Club

night club in ny
night club in ny

It is also located in Brooklyn. The club is known for Hip Hop and the star Adam X. There is a friendly dance floor and the cocktails are relatively economical. It may not be one of the top nightclubs in New York but it has all the fun you expect from a nightclub in Brooklyn.

Location: 1271 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Open Time: Everyday 7pm-4am

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