When will world cup 2022 tickets go on sale

World cup final ticket price

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World cup final ticket price

World cup final ticket price It’s something that is on every football fan’s bucket list: the chance to witness a World Cup up close and in person.

world cup ticket prices 2026

With the 2022 World Cup heading to Qatar, supporters will get the chance this November to take in a new stop on the international football map. The Middle Eastern nation is the first Arab country to be handing hosting duties for the competition, and has promised to put on a spectacular show.

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This tournament, which starts on November 20, has been 12 years in the making. The decision to award Qatar the World Cup came way back in 2010, when they saw off competition from the USA in the final round of voting.

One of the first topics of interest to fans when that announcement was made was how those wishing to travel would be able to get hold of tickets. Here, we look at what that process looks like and how much match seats will cost.

How much do World Cup tickets cost?

Four categories of tickets were made available to supporters wanting to attend the World Cup in Qatar, as well as dedicated ticketing for those with disabilities and limited mobility.

Category 1 is the highest priced, located in prime areas within the stadium.

Category 2 and Category 3 are seating areas within the stadium offering a less-premium view of the action.

Category 4 is a seating area within the stadium reserved exclusively for residents of Qatar.

All tickets are sold in Qatari riyal to both residents of Qatar and international fans, with prices ranging from 40 riyal ($11) through to 5,850 riyal ($1,607).

Qatar fifa world cup ticket price

World Cup tickets prices for Qatar 2022

The structure of ticket prices for Qatar 2022 has generated a mixed reaction from fans, with a significant gap between the price range of the four different categories.

Supporters have been encouraged to purchase their tickets well in advance of the tournament starting, with full pricing details set out below:

Match Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Access
Opening match (Qatar v Ecuador) $618/£533/€616 $440/£379/€438 $302/£261/€301 $55/£47/€55 $55/£47/€55
Group matches $220/£190/€219 $165/£142/€164 $69/£59/€68 $11/£9.5/€11 $11/£9.5/€11
Round of 16 matches $275/£236/€273 $206/£175/€205 $96/£82/€96 $19/£16/€19 $19/£16/€19
Quarterfinals matches $426/£363/€424 $288/£246/€287 $206/£176/€205 $82/£70/€82 $82/£70/€82
Semifinals matches $956/£816/€953 $659/£563/€657 $357/£305/€356 $137/£117/€137 $137/£117/€137
Third-place match $426/£363/€424 $302/£258/€301 $206/£176/€205 $82/£70/€82 $82/£70/€82
Final $1,607/£1,372/€1,602 $1003/£856/€999 $604/£516/€602 $206/£176/€205 $206/£176/€205

Cheapest and most expensive World Cup tickets

Given the spread of categories and matches available, there is naturally a big difference in the cheapest and most expensive tickets on offer to fans.

Fifa world cup 2022 fixtures

While opening-match tickets for the hosts’ Group A clash with Ecuador have been sold for 200 riyal ($55) at the cheaper end to 2,250 riyal ($618) for Cat. 1, other group matches range from 40 riyal ($11) to 800 riyal ($220).

Round of 16 matches are priced from 70 riyal ($19) to 1,000 riyal ($275) while quarterfinals range from 300-1,550 ($82.5-$426) and semifinals are 500-3,480 ($137-$956).

Predictably, it is the final for which fans will pay top dollar, with the cheapest seats being sold for 750 riyal ($206), through to the premium Cat. 1 seats at 5,850 ($1,607).

Where to buy World Cup tickets

Limited remaining tickets have been made available for fans via FIFA’s ticket portal, with the governing body confirming tickets could continue to be sold up until the tournament begins, depending on demand.

Despite a huge selection of third-party options for ticket sales, FIFA have stressed the need for fan discretion when buying tickets, particularly in relation to unofficial sources.

They have also confirmed all fans will need to register for a ‘Hayya (Fan ID)’ Card prior to attending any game at the World Cup. A valid Hayya Card will be required, alongside a valid match ticket, to access any stadium in Qatar

Are tickets still available for World Cup 2022?

When will world cup 2022 tickets go on sale
When will world cup 2022 tickets go on sale

As per official data from FIFA, ticket sales for Qatar 2022 (through August 2022), reached over 2.45 million.

That figure included 520,532 sold between July and August, with the eventual figure expected to exceed 2.8m ahead of the tournament starting on November 20.


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